Some of it is actually fun!!! Really now. Updated sites, links and informative blogs on Health and the state of our dogs. Some hidden music and labels to help you find things...:) Kim

Best in Field BIF at the RRCUS National Specialty 2009--KUSHINDA'S BEATRICE

Dog Health Tip of the Day


Get your Ridgeback Tested today. We can eliminate the crippling disease from the Breed by DNA testing and breeding only Ridegebacks that can not pass on the disease to their offspring. Get your dog tested. Order your test here from the OFA site;

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..
Ah! It's just gonna be a great day..Xena x Kordell litter due June 6 2012.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Link to Suburban Canaries

Here is my canary site....I am downsizing birds and cages....Take a look..K

Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for home in WV

I am currently getting in the swing of things here in PA. Getting my house here ready to sell...and that in itself is a job...The paint if flying....I am also lookinf for property in central WV.. As things progress I will keep you posted..
Some of the Ridgebacks I have here now will be placed in companion homes as I can not take them with me...Each year we get a little older and the time has come for me to take a serious look at what I can and can not do. So that is the story for now..Later my friends...
I will later post pictures of Kushinda Jessica and her two nice wins this past month.K

Ridgeback Companion-Look

If you are looking for a Ridgeback that is over a year old as a companion, and have owned one before, I may have the dog for you. I am placing into companion homes several Ridgebacks that you see pictured here on the blog...Please contact me if you have an interest...Location So central PA..K

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Wedding Picture. June 28 2009

What an absoultely georgous bride. Kammi is now Dr.Kammi K Hefner-Heck. The groom Mr. Kenny Alan Heck.
Kammi is the co-owner of Kushinda Ridgebacks...and her family is very pleased to add Kenny to our family. A beautiful wedding for a beautiful girl...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farm Town and Farm Ville on FaceBook

If you are on FaceBook come join me on the Farms