Some of it is actually fun!!! Really now. Updated sites, links and informative blogs on Health and the state of our dogs. Some hidden music and labels to help you find things...:) Kim

Best in Field BIF at the RRCUS National Specialty 2009--KUSHINDA'S BEATRICE

Dog Health Tip of the Day


Get your Ridgeback Tested today. We can eliminate the crippling disease from the Breed by DNA testing and breeding only Ridegebacks that can not pass on the disease to their offspring. Get your dog tested. Order your test here from the OFA site;

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..
Ah! It's just gonna be a great day..Xena x Kordell litter due June 6 2012.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Walton Best of Winners-Jessica Best Opposite - Annapolis KC Jan 09

Walton is a CHIC + Cardio & DNA screened Normal/NN for DM.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Dog Bad Dog Blog

Good reading if you OWN a ridgeback. imho
I would welcome your comments on this current dated blog. Most of the comments are from reputable people many of which point out the responsibilities of owning a Ridgeback. Exercise, running exercise, training and a fenced area are pointed out several times. She raises some very good questions about responsible ownership.
My disappointment in her post is the picture she downloaded from another site of a beautiful Ridgeback doing what they do best, running.
The laws in most cases are not as lenient as this case in Philly. K

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Awesome Boy is a Ridgeback. Picture setting - Lake Erie

Chee is CHIC + Cardio passed and is DNA tested Normal/NN for DM.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Picture Slide Show

Cactoctin Kennel Club Match Jan 31 & Feb 1st ...... click here to see flyer.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here is a Beautiful sentiment for Dog Owners

Thanks to my friend Ellen for sending me this Sentiment for Dog Owners.
It is beautiful. Click here on this link.
The picture is of Khou-Dee sitting in his chair.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They Hunted Lions!

The Famous Four for 2010

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jessica Wins BOS at Annapolis KC today

This is Jessica with Davis last year, she won at Annapolis today, winning a BOS Ribbon and 2 pts. The show was reported to be a good 4 day event. However the trip home was eventful. What should have taken 2 hrs took 5 hrs because of a wreck on Rt 70, a detour and then the snow and ice. Everyone is home safe in PA. Walton has greeted everyone and is proud tonight. Till we show again.

Jessica in the ribbons for BOS at Annapolis today.

This is Jessica's 3rd Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex Win! She earned 2 pts today towards her AKC Championship.

In the ribbons today for a 2 pt win is Walton, taking Best of Winners. He needs 2 pts to finish his AKC Championship.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just wee puppies. J Boy Litter VIEW VIDEO

Jericho and My Toy!

The boy loves his toys.

It all starts with a pile of puppies. These are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Follow me along from puppyhood to adult to the show ring and beyond. My favorite was that little dark dark brown fellow. He was a heart stealer.

These guys and gals are almost two now, I will get you up to date, but first lets look at how they grew. Pic to follow.

It is cold here in PA. Like it was 0 yesterday morning. No one here likes going out in the cold. But never the less, the show contention is at Howard Co with the current show dogs. Walton left from here. I started getting him ready Wednesday with a bath, nail & whisker trim, ear & teeth polished and the final coat spray. He loves going on a show circuit and waits with anticipation and joy for his "handler" my daughter to pick him up. He has even taken up singing to get our attention, he is asking, "when are we leaving?" Just a little note of joy here, he slept in the hotel room in bed last night. Looks like he is a member of the good old boys club and has privileges.

This is long enough for my first blog, now to find some pictures for you to see. Hope you will come back and visit, to see the litter grow.

CHIC to all,