Some of it is actually fun!!! Really now. Updated sites, links and informative blogs on Health and the state of our dogs. Some hidden music and labels to help you find things...:) Kim

Best in Field BIF at the RRCUS National Specialty 2009--KUSHINDA'S BEATRICE


Get your Ridgeback Tested today. We can eliminate the crippling disease from the Breed by DNA testing and breeding only Ridegebacks that can not pass on the disease to their offspring. Get your dog tested. Order your test here from the OFA site;

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..

I am a Kushinda Ridgeback and have tested N/N Parents ..
Ah! It's just gonna be a great day..Xena x Kordell litter due June 6 2012.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I told Twin Wins today to get ready, you're going to Harrisburg PA in Aug.
New AKC FCh Kushinda's Aaron. She finished her field championship this past weekend at the Hanover Lure Coursing Trials in Pa. Pretty Girl.. Congrats to Kammi and Aaron.
Here is my boy "Lukie" or Danta, depending on who is living with at the time..He as lure coursing this past weekend and D took this wonderful picture of him.. so I am sharing.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bad storm tonight, electric out for 2 hrs...lots of trees down..we needed the rain but gentle would have been nice.  so no pictures today...Tomorrow and next day are lure coursing at Hanover PA, will have results tomorrow night...RV is packed and ready..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I think windows 8 knew how frustrated I have been trying to find my pictures and work with them because tonight I found them.. yea.. It is way tooooo hot to sit out tonight so the guys are on their own on the deck..
I am posting a picture of Jean Claude and Gwen, the first Gwen. I am raising her great grand daughter and that would be Gwen 3. She is 3 mts old now and looks exactly like her great grandma, attitude and all...I will in the next week get some picture of her to show you...

The two Ridgebacks you see here were ranked #1 and #2 in the USA in lure coursing in their day, back in the 1990's. I am  hopeful Gwen Poo the 3 will follow..later,  Kimma

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I really like this Toshiba pad, wish I had more time with it. The upgrade Excite looks great, someday. I also am pleased with the blog, thank you to those who visit, there is a counter log that lets me see stats. my followers have increased, this is nice to see.  later
Sitting on the deck, heat wave still here, got the puppies, Gwen n Surfer with me. Really pleased with these two, the conformation is wonderfully correct. They are from a repeat breeding of Gwen n Cheetah. Tried to upload pic yesterday n the Thrive just would will work on that. it is dark here now.

Monday, July 15, 2013

heat wave this week, sitting out with Honor n Byrd, maybe l can get a picture.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

checking in today w my Toshiba Thrive pad. moving has us busy n not much time for showing. Soon, looking at the Harrisburg PA shows in Aug with some girls.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Xena x Kordell pups are three weeks old now...all with show quality ridges...cnice!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breeding Great Dogs

Here is the Canine Chronicle Article link to Dr. C Battaglia article on Breeding. It is worth a read.

Monday, April 30, 2012

CHIC GCh Kushinda D'Artanian.Group 3. See me in May in the East..
2012 eNews Letter - Kushinda Ridgebacks - Jan thru May

1/2/12 - Started evaluation of show dogs to CH for 2012. Trixie, Twin & Falkon for Tessa ROM Tessa has four CH to date. GCh Dart to be shown in Best of Breed for Stud Dog Special. Goal to Finish Cheetah. Ten Lure Coursing Titles..Champion Three/Four Kushinda Ridgeback in house. Two planned Fall litters. Plans for National Specialty in FL.

4/15/2012 Kammi picked-up AKC Canine Companion registration papers for The Chi! dog.

4/21/2012 Dr.Kammi Hefner attended American Whippet Club National Judges Education Seminar at Huron OH. Education will be conducted by members of the Judge's Ed Committee - Phoebe Booth, Karen Lee, David Samuelson and Chris Watkins. National Specialty judge Dr. Connie Brunkow.

4/22/2012 Kammi attended Straight Racing for Whippets in Ohio following the Specialty and was able to practice run the lure for straight racing..

4/22/2012 KKH-Puppy Pick Up. Two boys with SA breeding in their pedigrees. They have joined the Kushinda ranks of Ridgebacks..Welcome to your new homes..Cijs

4/21-23/2012 Cherry Blossom Cluster at Timonium MD. Approximate dogs entered: Entries (4): GCh Dart, Twin, Falkon. (kdh) Juno (pw)

4/21/2012 Old Dominum KC; Falkon 1st Bred by Ex.

4/22/2012 Baltimore KC; Twin 1st Bred by Ex., Juno 1st 12-18mts., GCh Dart Select.

4/23/2012 Catoctin KC; Twin Rwd, Juno 1 pt. 1st, Winners, Best of Winners  GCh Dart Select.

4/24/2012 Letter from RRCUS Gail Chaswick . Kimma Hefner is supporting the Upper Potomac Valley KC dog show Oct 21 2012. Bronz Medallion to be awarded. Trophies to be purchased from Premier. Kammi Hefner supporting Oct 20th show same awards.

4/25/2012 Appointment for Health Certs. Completed.

4/26-27/2012 Lewisburg Dog Shows (Beverly, Annaseta & Mr. Edmund - KKH) &
Kammi mentor the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (PPP) Supported Entry and is to set up LCing for them.
4/28/2012  Several Podengo were able to run today at the LC set up that Kammi provided for them. The new pups RR were also introduced to the lure and Honor did a stellar job with Byrd close behind catching the bunny.

4/26/2012 For S&G I ran the weed wacker today in the dog yards. and again the next day and the next day. :)

4/28/2012 Magic Valley KC. Sat. Judge David Bolus. Winners Dog WD Kushinda's Edmund 1 pt.. Winners Bitch/Best of Winners WB/BW Kushinda's Crimson Heart Beverly 1 pt.
Reserve Winners Bitch RWB Kushinda's Crimson Heart Anisetta.(kkh)
Magic Valley fb page

4/29/2012 Beckley WV KC Sunday Jdg M Billings, Winners Bitch (WB) Kushinda's Crimson Heart Beveryl 1 pt. Kushinda's Edmumd 1st BBE. RWB Kushinda's Anisetta. (KKH)

5/5/2012 Bucks Co Dog Show, Erwina PA Entries are GCh Dart, Trixie in Open. Twin in BBE.

5/6/2012 Trenton KC Dog Show, Erwina PA same entries..

6/6/2012 Spring Litter due, CHIC CH Xena x CHIC Kordell. Puppies and pictures will be on the Puppy Watch Blog, link is on the right...

If you click the link to follow the blog located on the right , you will get an email when the newsletter is updated..
Comments welcome..
Does Grand Champion mean I can have a "few" gray hairs in my muzzle?  Ah but the ladies will just think I am distinguished looking. Just sayin. Kushinda's Dart

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bee Stings and how to treat them..This is a great article that I have found for you, Let me know if it worked for you by leaving a comment.
Benadryl and your vet..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looks like I may be close to back up and running the blog once again, computer has had its Trojans removed, and yes, I was running anti-virus, but still got hit really we go..the new features for Blogger seem to be really nice... How time flies,,,I have 5 more blogs there on the right, I enjoyed creating them and will be adding to them soon. Jean Claude's picture at the top is a keeper for sure, however the pups in the van that is now long gone will probably be replaced?? Will take today to look over all the links, most are very good and will not need updated...Pictures another story,have to find them, umm. off to feed..kbh kimma beth hefner

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kushinda's DanDee Results MARCH 20 2011

Bred By Exhibitor(BBE) DOG--First, Winners (WD) & Best of Winners (BW)--KUSHINDA LEGEND OF THE RED ARK GENERATION C&T(DanDee) Judge, Mr. Joe C. Walton
Sire/Dam DC Kushinda's Bronze Star (Cecil)TBV SC x Ch.Kushinda's Ark Action SC
Owners Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner, Karrie and Kimma Hefner
Three pt mj win today.
DanDee also went RWD two days of this 5 day circuit..picture to follow..05/23/2008

Kushinda's DanDee Results March 18 2011

March 18 2011 York Dog Show
Bred By Exhibitor BBE, DOG 1/WD/BW Rhodesian Ridgebacks KUSHINDA LEGEND OF THE RED ARK GENERATION C&T 05/23/2008 DC Kushinda's Bronze Star TBV SC (Cecil) Ch.Kushinda's Ark Action SC (Tessa) Owners Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner, Karrie and KImma Hefner Ms. Jocelyne Gagne judge. Two pts for DanDee. Owner Handled by Dee.

CHIC Ridgebacks

April 2012 We now have 32 Ridgebacks that are CHIC # Registered. List link.

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